Naomi Kemp helps leaders during pivotal times set

Safe Expectations

and make safety happen for the future.

How do you make positive

safety improvements

in the face of uncertainty?

Prosecution can be a pivotal time for your business – but you have options.

I’m talking about turning the uncertainty into a positive opportunity.

To improve health and safety in the workplace and ensure continued legal compliance.

Understanding how your business works. Identifying what must be done.

Making the changes. Investing in your business.

Creating new value and making safety happen.

You know, investing in those safety improvements…the ’nice to have’.

How do you ensure continued legal compliance?

How do you create enduring change from prosecution?

Prosecution is considered a deterrent. Regulators use it to send a message to the industry to fear the consequences of non-compliance and to appease the community.  But penalties only serve to limit your ability to make safety improvements in the future. Your money goes towards paying a fine into the government coffers – which is fine for small misdemeanours, but terrible for achieving long term change.

If you want to ensure legal compliance, to be continually improving and to create enduring change: we can do better.

We can make positive prosecution outcomes.

Based on a restorative justice approach – it’s rehabilitation on another level that I bring to progressive businesses who want to make positive safety improvements.

And, when combined with industry innovation and community empathy, we have the potential to create more value than legal compliance. We can build a positive safety culture.

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Some clients & praise

I advise leaders from organisations who are being prosecuted for a contravention of the Work Health and Safety Laws. I bring my expertise in regulating enforceable undertakings to facilitate using alternative restoration orders available under the safety legislation. I also serve as an agile alternative to your clipboard-carrying safety advisor.

A recent client said…

“Naomi just has a knack of being able to make safety less of a burden and more achievable”.[LinkedIn]

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