Naomi Kemp is a determined optimist. She believes safety is part of what you do everyday, it is not a constraint or a condition.

Imagine a great business with great products or great service. Where leaders value their employee’s security and regard their efforts. Where people go to work, feel safe while they are there, and return home at the end of the day.

When it comes to safety and leadership, I feel that the world is swept up in safe behaviour rah-rah, leadership tips and cute memes that don’t actually provide you real guidance.

Then, there is the fear of infringement notices, fines, prosecution and the overwhelming need to cover your a**.

Suddenly safety becomes a pile of paperwork or a great excuse to say ‘Oh, no! Sorry, you can’t because of OHS’.

Safety should be about having structure and visibility to identify opportunities and solutions to make the ‘work’ bit work. About people feeling protected because leaders value their efforts to make the organisation successful. And when we approach this with agility, curiosity and reason – safety leaders emerge and value is created.

As you can see, I am really passionate about what I do.

I guess you’d like to know a bit more about me since this is the about page. Fair call!

Here is my offical bio with me awkwardly talking about myself in the third person.


Naomi Kemp

Naomi is passionate about making workplaces progressive, productive and safer.

After more than 10 years on the safety frontline in private industry, Naomi seized an opportunity to work with the regulator at Workplace Health and Safety Queensland in the Enforceable Undertakings (EU) Program.

In her role, Naomi advised companies from across a broad spectrum – from small to global organisations, from the entertainment industry through to the agricultural industry. Naomi was also an integral part of the Safety Leadership at Work Reference Group and assisted other safety regulators to implement EU programs within their jurisdictions.

Within 2 years, Naomi helped 22 organisations to successfully have an EU agreement accepted.

In early 2016, Naomi founded Safe Expectations – specialising in the facilitation of enforceable undertakings. Naomi brings her expertise and invaluable regulatory experience to organisations. She assists with addressing workplace issues and delivering sustainable improvements that can create enduring change.

Naomi passionately advocates for the use of restorative justice approaches within safety legislation.

As agile talent, Naomi has recently worked with leading organisations within the Asia Pacific region to improve health, safety and wellness – from OHS management system upgrades to innovative strategic planning and safety leadership programming.

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