Enforceable Undertakings are an 

Alternative Action

that can offer you value.

 Does the uncertainty of prosecution and risk of conviction concern you?

Rather than pleading guilty, why not take alternative action and consider giving an Enforceable Undertaking.

I provide clients with the expertise and experience of facilitating enforceable undertakings. I can advise you how to get the most out of an undertaking. I can also assist you to deliver on the commitments and ensure you implement them effectively.

How much does an enforceable undertaking cost?

Rather than spending your money on excessive legal fees and hefty fines, Enforceable Undertakings enable you to re-invest money back into your business. To get ahead when it comes to health and safety.  Let’s not beat around the bush, they are three-times the cost of a potential penalty.

Why would I choose to pay more than a fine?

you can invest back into your own business!

Consider the total cost of legal fees and fines that give you no long-term value. This can be spent on improving health and safety in your business. 

You can:

    • Ensuring ongoing legal compliance in the future.
    • Make improvements that boost safety and productivity.
    • Encourage health and wellbeing in the workplace.
    • Repair and restore relationships within the workplace and community.
don’t pay a lump sum penalty!

The costs associated with delivering an enforceable undertaking are staged and planned by you. Rather than having to pay a hefty fine within 30 days, you can distribute your expenditure over a longer period to ensure your liquidity.

Because you want a change!

Enforceable undertakings are a great impetus for change.

They enhance workplace culture and can resurrect your business image through Corporate Social Responsibility.

Enforceable undertakings give you the opportunity to finally invest in those safety improvements that have always been considered nice to have. You can lead change within your industry or make a significant impact within your local community.

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