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Naomi is a speaker who is engaging, captivating and will inspire your people through fresh insight into the simple steps they can take to improve health and safety in the workplace. And did we say funny?!

As a leading light on enhancing safety culture, repairing harm, compliance, health and safety innovation. She knows first-hand how an unhealthy workplace can change your life. Sharing her story about the post-infectious syndrome; Guillain-Barré Syndrome changed her life and how it has driven her to become a passionate and determined Young Safety Professional.

Naomi presents on topics relevant to leaders who need to improve safety culture and boost safety performance. She shares frank insights that hit home and give leaders immediate takeaways for action.


She is often engaged to speak about the perspective of the YSP on a variety of topics and she also presents a convincing argument for the use of restorative justice approaches within safety legislation and the workplace!


Naomi is available to present keynotes from 30 minutes – 1.5 hours (Domestic and International).

* Her keynotes will be tailored to meet your conference theme, audience and specific objectives.

– Keynotes –

Things that make you go Eewww!

Healthy workers and a healthy workplace make for a safer and more productive business. This is not a wellness presentation about yoga or mindfulness. It is about ensuring your people don’t go home sick from work.

Aptly titled: Don’t give your workmates the sh!ts

I talk about suffering from a debilitating illness that developed after contracting an everyday infection from the workplace; Gastroenteritis. Eewww…we all know what that is!

Naturally, with a few number-2 jokes thrown in, I emphasise that it is okay to have a sickie and keep your infectious diseases to yourself. But it is not all sh!ts and giggles, I do provide the audience with evidence-based research into workplace wellbeing, managing workplace illnesses and post-illness rehabilitation. With learning outcomes such as:

1.       Enriched awareness of occupational health, illness and diseases.
2.       Understanding the risks of workplace infection.
3.       Appreciating workplace illness rehabilitation.

Bureaucracy Busting

Too many times I have heard leaders say they have a strong focus on compliance in their organisation. Only to follow, with a desire to change their culture and be less bureaucratic. But when we think about culture change, we don’t think about starting with cleaning up compliance.

In this keynote, I make sense of compliance and challenge the need for bureaucratic processes and box ticking. By taking compliance out of the legal office and to the very people in charge of maintaining it!

I present evidence-based research into enhancing workplace cultures by ensuring compliance is not a barrier, but an opportunity to engage, learn and better understand your organisation vulnerabilities and possibilities. Together we bust the bureaucracy and clean up compliance!

Safety Leadership

Understanding how as leaders we can positively influence culture and safety in the workplace is an ongoing quest. In the ever changing landscape of safety, what approach are leaders to take? Do they ‘go with what they know’ or purchase an off-the-shelf solution?

In this popular keynote, I reinvigorate leaders with a framework built on the successful key aspects of various types of safety leadership programs. I provide leaders with an understanding how pursue the positives, actively seek out vulnerability, empower others and build anti-fragile systems.

I present leaders with evidence-based research into leading teams and enhancing safety culture. Learning outcomes include leveraging your existing leadership skills and training by complementing them with an appreciative approach and turning the unappealing ‘safety training’ into an unforgettable experience.

Perspective of a Young Safety Professional

Diversity and disruption have been two major talking topics for the past couple of years. Being a young safety professional (and a girl), I fit decisively into both debates!

Available as a Panel Member or a 100% customised keynote to suit the theme of your event, your audience and your specific objectives. This is popular as it is topical and provides insights into the Gen X, Y and Millennial mindset.

Topics I have recently shared the perspective of a young safety professional include:

  • Industrial Manslaughter
  • Technology’s Impact on Safety
  • Enforcing safety differently
  • Risk Assessment – Do they really reduce risk?
  • Human Resources – What is their WHS role?

Creating enduring change from prosecution

Workplace health and safety prosecutions are a form of retributive justice. This traditional form of justice generally resulting in a monetary penalty, has been considered the best response to a contravention of safety laws. However, with the number of serious injuries and fatalities that occur in workplaces across Australia annually, does this punitive practice really make a difference?

This keynote is customised to:

a)       advocate for the use of a restorative justice approach, calling for governments to encourage the use of sanctions that impose improvements to health and safety in the workplace; or
b)      call for leaders to consider performance management approaches that repair harm, restore relationships and reduce recidivism.

I provide the audience with evidence-based research into restorative justice in the workplace and benefits of enforceable undertakings. Learning outcomes include effective consultation and strategic planning for creating enduring change.

Social Sustainability

For decades, culture maturity models have been encouraging a metamorphosis from reactive to a generative culture. As such, in safety we talk of ‘integration’ and ‘business as usual’, yet our closest allies Environment, talk of ‘sustainability’. When conceptualising a vision for the future beyond compliance, companies should consider striving to become socially sustainable.

Socially sustainable workplaces are considered those with a focus on aspects of work-life balance, personal development through training, challenging/stimulating work, engagement, job satisfaction, participation, job security, innovation and creativity. In this keynote, I present on leading the development of a socially sustainable workplace and why we should collectively create positive-work life conditions.

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Previous speaking engagements include:
  • Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors “Industrial Manslaughter, Work Health and Safety Officers (WHSO) and Labour Hire” Event
  • YSPspeak 2017 (Master of Ceremonies)
  • Official launch “UQ Health, Safety and Wellness Strategic Plan” (Safety Leadership Panel Facilitator)
  • CPA Group “Technology’s Impact on Safety” Conference 
  • Melbourne Safety In Action Conference 
  • Safety on Tap Podcast (SIA Board Candidate)
  • SIA Gold Coast Network WHS Event 
  • AUSA Conference Tasmania 
  • AHRI QLD WHS/Wellness Network Forum 
  • Queensland SIA Visions Conference (2017)
  • Australian Institute of Biosecurity and Nanotechnology Appreciative Inquiry Facilitation
  • UQ School of Mining & Mechanical Engineering Leaders Forum 
  • UQ Early-Mid Career Researchers Leaders Forum 
  • YSPspeak 2016 “Positive Prosecutions – enforcing safety differently” 
  • Queensland SIA Visions Conference (2014) 
  • WHSQ “Enforceable Undertakings Roadshow”
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